Simulator-based product development

Simulation for agile product development

Creanex’s simulator-based product development and testing environment enables the development and testing of a machine control system as a whole.

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One of the significant advantages of simulator-based product development is that the development of the control system can start at the beginning of the project before a physical prototype is completed.

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Simulators can be used in:

Development environment

Use simulator to reduce costs and risks

The development environment consists of a machine control system, a simulator that accurately imitates the machine’s behaviour, simulation of the needed physical properties, and a wide range of testing tools. With the simulator, the control system can be developed and tested in parallel with the development of the rest of the machine, allowing collaboration and interactions between different design areas to be considered even before the first physical prototype is completed.

The simulator platform supports model-based design, which enables the full and smooth use of system components and functional assemblies that have already been modelled. The simulator is also an excellent tool for maintaining and further developing existing control systems as well as developing new systems for existing machines.

The testing environment provided by the simulator platform can be used to model various failure situations, which in many cases would be almost impossible to test in practice.

Solutions for the digital product lifecycle

Simulator projects

The simulator-assisted product development and testing environment can be applied to the development of different types of machines and control system solutions. The scope of the cooperation is always agreed on a case-by-case basis and may include not only the design and implementation of a customer-specific simulator, but also the design of test cases and the implementation of test management systems. Automating testing reduces manual work and frees up time for complex tests, as well as creates a comprehensive test library as part of your quality management.

Diverse applications

After the product launch, the R&D platform serves as a development and testing platform to ensure the quality of new product versions. Product development and testing equipment can also be used as a marketing tool for presenting innovations or functionalities made to the equipment, machine or its control system. Adding training features such as guided exercises, reporting and automatic feedback makes the simulator also an excellent tool for operator and driver training.

Use the simulator for user and maintenance training

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