Creanex multi-machine simulators

Ready-made training simulators for fast deployment

Creanex offers next-generation solutions for implementing operator and driver training for educational institutions in the civil engineering, forestry, logistics and agriculture sectors.

Illustration of a person driving a simulator.

The training simulator is used for practising operating machines and vehicles in situations that feel as realistic as possible.

Simulator training

A virtual learning environment is an effective and safe way to learn

Virtual training environments make teaching easier and more efficient because learning is real, but any damage to the machine and the environment happens in the virtual world. The simulator allows practising different situations virtually and safely several times, giving the operator a broad knowledge of the machine’s different functionalities. The difficulty level of the tasks increases as the trainee progresses along the training path, which strengthens the trainee’s motivation.

The Creanex multi-machine simulator is a comprehensive training tool, as one or more machines or vehicles can be trained using the same device. The simulator platform has exchangeable pedals and controls depending on the machine or vehicle being trained. One simulator can contain up to 10 different vehicles and machines. Creanex simulators also support VR technology.

A picture of a person adjusting the electronic wiring of a simulator.

Enhanced learning with a simulator

The training simulators include

  • Practice terrains built on the basis of the requirements set by the training scenarios.
  • Diverse training scenarios.
  • Comprehensive reporting that can be used to evaluate performance and track progress.
  • Support for custom learning paths and independent studying.
  • Possibility to integrate with the Workseed LMS learning platform.

SimTrainer training management software

All Creanex multi-machine simulators include the SimTrainer training management software, which consists of a student learning environment and an instructor management tool. SimTrainer makes it easy for the instructor to manage users, courses and track the trainees’ progress.

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