Multi-machine simulator

Brushcutter Simulator

With the brushcutter simulator, you can practise using a brushcutter, tending of seedling stands and clearing undergrowth in a virtual environment. Different working techniques can be practised and tested on the simulator several times, if necessary. Maneuvers can be repeated several times, which improves learning results and helps to identify the best working techniques.

Picture of a 3D modeled brushcutter.
Picture of a person operating the VR based brushcutter simulator.

Brushcutter simulator

Features and options

  • A solution designed fully for VR glasses.
  • Comes with a laptop, VR goggles and a remote control with a belt that imitates the handles of a brushcutter.
  • The simulator is delivered in a customised transport box for safe transportation of the device.
  • The simulation includes features that make it possible to perceive the distance between the trees to be left standing and make it easier to calculate the area, among other things.

A simulator is a versatile training tool

Systematic and well-planned training

For training management, we have developed the SimTrainer software, which makes it easy to create a clear framework for training and track the progress of each student. The training material already includes more than 10 diverse simulator exercises. The exercises cover different aspects of work, from basic tool control to working safely and efficiently in realistic situations.

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Comprehensive performance reporting

The simulator collects data about each movement of the user and automatically generates a report at the end of the exercise, which can be used for a diverse evaluation of performance. As exercises are scored, an automatic pass/fail result is generated in the performance report, allowing the trainer to review the key performance points and result at a glance. It is also easy to change the score limits of an exercise and create new exercises.

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